About us

Zannys Food is a community based platform that provides link between the people who are interested in providing prepared food “local chefs” and the people who would like to eat varieties of Food “Service Users or Foodies”. This platform will allow homemade food to be directly available to Foodies as per their taste and selection.
Zannys food is all about providing unique experiences with cuisine from different origins and it will be a total reconstruction of how people choose to eat as an individual or as a group.
It is an in-one food App that would allow food providers to offer their food at a cost in a fun atmosphere.
Meals can be customized to fit customers’ needs and can be immediately ordered or preordered for later deliveries

Our Vision

  • Totally reconstruct how people choose to eat through transparent food preparations
  • Provide a fun atmosphere through food
  • Empower stay-at-home parents, private chefs, and other people with skills but without the opportunity or platform to show this
  • To provide an umbrella app for all food needs, both homely cooked meals up until commercial food providers